The following tables provide links to recommended resources for home or school learning.

'Concrete' Resources

Resources that users can actually get their hands on.

The resources below are well rated on Amazon. Negative reviews tend to have come from people who did not read the dimensions of the product.

Link Why we Rate it
Learning Resources
Hundred Number Board
A hands-on, tactile resource.
HUNDRED SQUARE - Write On / Wipe Off
Early Years NUMERACY Resource
20cm x 20cm
Compact and useful for individual learners. Simple colour scheme.
Numbers 1 to 100 - Educational Poster Chart (40x60cm) Stick it on the fridge door as a constant learning aid.
Primary Teaching Services
A1 Number Square Giant Classroom Poster
with Free Dry-Wipe Pen
Decent size. Space for calculations.
Hundred Square Stamp A quick, easy and pleasingly traditional way to put a 100 square in a child's exercise book.
large ink pad To use with the stamp above. Don't forget to check the dimensions.


The following books are recommended because they provide useful introductions to the mathematical subjects covered that are useful for both learners and teachers (parents, grandparents...whoever).


TeeJay books have great content but the illustrations could be improved. Good instructions are provided for each new concept and, with initial support, learners will be able to use these books independently. Some of the questions can be a little complicated in terms of the language used to present them, however, understanding word problems is a skill all childen should learn. TeeJay books provide enough exercises and questions to ensure the learner thoroughly understands a concept and each chapter has summary exercises. These are good books despite the recent Scottish results in maths (which are probably the result of the difficult introduction of the new curriculum).

TeeJay books are availble from the publisher's website here or from the Amazon links below.

Scotland: Curriculum for Excellence

teejay cfe
Wales / England N.I. Scotland
Reception Year 1 P 1
Year 1 Year 2 P 2 TeeJay CfE Maths: Textbook 1a
Year 2 Year 3 P 3 TeeJay CfE Maths: Textbook 1b
Year 3 Year 4 P 4
Year 4 Year 5 P 5 TeeJay CfE Maths: Textbook 2a
Year 5 Year 6 P 6 TeeJay CfE Maths: Textbook 2b
Year 6 Year 7 P 7 TeeJay CfE Maths: Textbook 3a

England: National Curriculum

teejay national curriculum
Wales / England N.I. Scotland
Reception Year 1 P 1
Year 1 Year 2 P 2 teejay year 1
Year 2 Year 3 P 3 teejay year 2
Year 3 Year 4 P 4 teejay year 3
Year 4 Year 5 P 5 teejay year 4
Year 5 Year 6 P 6 teejay year 5
Year 6 Year 7 P 7 teejay year 6